Achieve that perfect sun tan quickly and carefully!

Hello once again ladies! The question for you today is… (Drum roll): have you ever felt like a helpless, pale human being on the beach when soaking the sun up next to your perfectly sun-kissed friends, who look like they could be on the cover of teen vogue California? Well if you raised your hand, feel free to sit down, grab a cup of tea, and join the rest of our vastly populated community. Do you want to be the typical loser on the beach who looks like a vampire, while covering yourself up in shame when walking from your sun bed to the ice cream stand? Well I definitely don’t; therefore, I have scientifically analyzed every little aspect that makes a big difference to obtain that perfect golden sunglow. Girls you better watch out because Jennie and I are back in the game and ready to show you some!

1. Exfoliate

How To Get A Perfect Sun Tan In Just 5 Simple Steps

First things first, if you haven’t exfoliated already, please feel free to help yourself out. That is DEFINITELY the base to a perfect homogeneous looking suntan.

2. Wear SPF on your first day of tanning

How To Get A Perfect Sun Tan In Just 5 Simple Steps

I know we all want to tan as quickly as possible and most of the times we end up looking like lobsters on our first day of tanning spree! I am no doctor and everybody does it differently but I have found that on the first day you should give your skin time to re-adapt to sun exposure and help it out with some SPF, otherwise you end up like me: in pain and having to take a full week off from sun exposure.

3. Keep yourself soaking!

How To Get A Perfect Sun Tan In Just 5 Simple Steps

Did y’all know that water acts like a lense to the sun? If you answered no, shame on you because you definitely weren’t paying attention in science class. What did you learn while reading the previous sentence? Good job!! You passed the test. Keep your body fresh and drenched in water to help your skin change color from white, to a dark and beautiful, chocolaty brown color.

4. Did you say… Tanning oil?!

How To Get A Perfect Sun Tan In Just 5 Simple Steps

Tanning oil indeed gals, tanning oil indeed!! Spray it wherever you can and spray it once more to amplify that glow!! Just kidding (I hope you all read the just kidding part before drowning yourselves up in tanning oil just to come back indoors to hear your momma scream: “Oh my Gwyneth! You look like a roasted pig”)!! That would be kind of funny though. USE IT CAREFULLY ladies. Spray it on when the sun is not too strong and avoid delicate areas like your face, neck and décolletage. When you see your skin getting a little too red just get out of the sun… get out of the sun fast Winifred!! A lot of people reading probably have sensitive and pale skins so please be extra careful and put on some of that leftover SPF you have from step 2.

5. Don’t be lazy, apply that after sun

How To Get A Perfect Sun Tan In Just 5 Simple Steps

I cannot repeat myself enough on the fundamental importance of after sun. Buy yourselves a cream and apply it after that long day at the beach (after you showered obviously because we are a pale community not a smelly one). This will help you keep your skin soft, radiant and hydrated and it is a major key to a beautiful suntan. I am one of those lazy people who applies it like… once a month and that’s probably the main reason why I always end up feeling shameful and sending one of my friends to the Ice cream stand!!


Don’t lose hope girls, let’s just get our tanning together and show the people who never, EVER complimented our tan that we are game!!


I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

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