The 4 secrets to a perfect bikini body

Yep girls, it is almost that time of the year. And I’m not just talking about the beautiful beaches, mojitos on the beach and what more. I’m talking about that dreadful, anxious, repelling moment of when you have to get in your bikinis and show your buns to the whole beach and to your crush after a long, fat, pale winter. That time when you sit on your bed with your best friends and start panicking about beach time “Annie we’re going to get through this together!!!” That time when you wake up at night and picture yourself on the beach all sexy with those beachy hair waves when all of a sudden you take your pretty little dress off and the nightmare begins. The Cellulite. Listen and pay attention if you have any hope at all in finding a remedy (if there is one). Keep reading ladies, because I’m going to tell you how to get bikini body ready in no time!!


1. Try to kick that Cardio in!

How to get bikini body ready

First off, if you can help yourself and get off the couch before bikini season and maybe start doing that cardio, you will give yourself a hand and your body will thank you. But if you are more of a procrastinator like my friends and I, and wait till the day before you have to go to the beach and get in a bikini in front of your crush kind of gal, this post is for you and know that you are not alone!!

2. Booty prepping is a must

How to get bikini body ready

Since we’re all in this together, you should definitely think about gifting yourself and your girlfriends a booty scrub. Did she just say… booty scrub?! Yes. Yes I did.  Booty scrubs are definitely a thing and we have to thank the competition there is now days for stimulating people to create new products. Anyways, we all know where that scrub goes so start rubbing some product with your favorite shower mitten to obtain a clear, blemish free, and ultra soft skin. This will get your body prepped for a beautiful sun tan later on. We’re not finished and the budget is low so this time your friends should consider gifting you a booty mask. After you exfoliated, grab some product from your favorite booty mask and apply it you know where. These masks usually have specific aims but most of them are to tackle cellulite, blemishes, and to tone the skin and leave it ultra soft, with results visible after just one application (You’re welcome!).

3. Exfoliate all that body and add in some cream

How to get bikini body ready

After you prepped your booty (we all know how many points that gives you while walking on the beach in front of those beautiful, tan surfers), make sure to exfoliate the rest of your body as well. Apply every night after you shower a body cream (gotta make up for all those months we didn’t apply any at all). There are so many amazing body creams on the market but the ones I always gift my friends are the ones from L’erbolario. You have a lot of different scents you can choose from and they are all natural and tone your skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Also, these amazing creams don’t leave your body sticky and greasy and are fast absorbing which makes the process a little bit easier.

4. Don’t forget your boobies

How to get bikini body ready

These are the basic things you should do to obtain a passing grade in a bikini but if you are aiming for first place, you should also consider gifting yourself a boob mask. Most of us get saggy boobs for all the dieting before summer season so if you want perkier titties (which you should), gift yourself that boob mask and don’t think twice! Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


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