Protecting the planet starts with you: 5 ways to keep the Earth clean

Hey you! Yes you, the pretty person reading my words in front of this computer screen. Do you have any idea of how important and connected you are to and with this planet? You are not just a random person breathing and populating it. You are unique and no matter how many living souls look like you, or have a similar sense of humor as you or just have simple relatable characteristics that are similar to your own, there is no one exactly like you. You cannot be imitated to perfection… no, not even close I believe. So when you’re feeling down and worthless remember that you are not and that you are inimitable and perfect with all your flaws. Nature is your mirror. Picture every flower, plant, living species and cloud. A lot of them look similar on the outside and some even look quite identical. But if you look properly and get a little bit closer… a little bit just enough to see that in fact they are different and that every single living thing has something that distinguishes them and makes them unique.

Just like we celebrate Earth Day this April (some of us remember to celebrate it everyday) remember that we are connected to it and that it is not just a celebration of plants and species but also of the human species because we breathe, and feel just like almost anything out there.

When I was just 6 years old I would spend almost 90% of my time outdoors. It was life to me. Feeling the soil while playing with my friends at recess, observing the Monarch butterflies and the beetles, feeling the water and listening to the sound of the ocean was what I knew and something that I believed no one could ever take away from me. I looked at my parents and at older people and I didn’t see them playing with crabs, making sand castles or just swimming frequently. I always used to ask myself: “How can they not enjoy this and how can they prefer to lay on their sun bed all day rather than play in nature?” it was impossible for me to understand. But then you know what happens? You grow up and get caught up in whatever you do. A videogame, social event and gossip become a priority and we forget about all the different colors out there. The more we forget and lose touch with nature, the more we lose ourselves.

When thinking about how to help mama nature after constantly reading about all the pollution and all of the poaching and mistreating of our planet, I didn’t know how I could actually help and contribute in the race to saving our planet. I didn’t act upon it because I believed that my efforts would not make a difference if everybody just kept on doing what they did. But then I remembered what mom and dad always said, ready? : “If everybody thinks like this, then there will never be change”. So guess what happened right after that? I started being a good citizen! As a good citizen I came up with 5 simple ways of keeping our planet clean to avoid it becoming a garbage bin in front of a Fast Food chain. Here goes…. You’re welcome! Now you can join the happy citizen club!!


Because of people’s stupid littering (I’m not saying you because I don’t know you and maybe you’re actually a good and clean person) lots and lots of fishies in the ocean are dying. They already die because of other reasons including old age, but also because we don’t throw our Ice Cream wrappers in the trash can but we prefer to just “casually” let is slip in the water thinking “oh people probably just think I accidentally dropped it” because it’s just too hard to move those little legs and walk a meter to throw the trash where it actually belongs.. HENCE.. the bin. Another way to avoid littering is your purse (for the Gents reading this you guys have pockets) Picture yourself driving in a beautiful green country side and seeing plastic bottles, wraps, cigarette butts on the green grass. That doesn’t fit very well and you probably don’t like it either so the Bag/pocket option probably sounds like the best solution anyway. Just like you wouldn’t decorate your house with ugly furniture, don’t decorate the grass with your Coca-Cola cans cuz you ain’t an interior designer. Just don’t do it… promise??

How to keep our planet clean this earth day


Ok this one is clue. Stop for a second and think of how many plastic bottles of water we use every day/week/month. Your brain probably can’t even coun’t them if you’re a math dummy like me. So invest in a sustainable bottle and fill your bottle up when it runs out of water rather than buying countless plastic bottles of water. First of all, it’s healthier for your health because we don’t know how many hours all of these plastic bottles lay in the sun when being transported,thus causing harm to our health when drinking them, and second of all it prevents the earth from being covered up in more useless plastic. Even if once you forget your sustainable bottle at home and you’re forced to buy one, it’s still better than never using it and having to CONSTANTLY buy plastic bottles.

How to Keep Our Planet Clean This Earth Day


I always go to a beautiful beach destination a little outside of Rome during the summer, and although it is considered to be one of the cleanest waters we have in Italy, it still has micro plastic and plastic residuals. I used to just criticize people who threw plastic in the ocean but in the end I never really did anything about it. But now as soon as I see plastic spoons, micro plastic, ice cream wrappers or whatever it may be, I pick it up, and throw it out in the bin. Trust me it makes you feel a lot better considering that that little plastic spoon could kill a fishy roaming around in that area.

How to Keep Our Planet Clean This Earth Day


Ok this one might tick off a few people and I get that it can be hard to carry through when you’re thinking you could gift yourself a new pair of shoes. I love shoes and I love shopping and my bank account is unfortunately limited. But let’s be realistic and actually think of how those 5 Euros you gift for a good cause are money well spent instead of wasting it on useless things you would just waste your money on. Sometimes even a penny can make a difference and most of us can afford to spend it.

Earth Day: 5 modi per proteggere il pianeta


When shopping for groceries or when buying anything online that is delivered to you in a package, try to choose the brand which is more sustainable and has sustainable packaging! This one is very easy and the good thing is that I see more and more people do this! So keep it up people and don’t stop!! The more you buy from sustainable brands, the more the non-sustainable brands have to convert themselves in order to stay in the game!

So there you go. We don’t think about how our small choices in everyday life can actually affect the well-being of our planet but as you can see, even the smallest choices make a big difference. Be good and spread the word!!

Pick up pieces of plastic or anything that doesn’t belong in nature.

How to keep our planet clean this earth day


I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

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