How to accessorise like a pro: transform your basic outfits with these accessories

“What do I wear?!”, “MOM. I look like I haven’t shopped in years!”, “All my friends are stylish and I look stupid!” “I have nothing to wear” “I look too simple!!”. Do the remarks stated above ring a bell? Yeah I know. I have these spasms every time I have to go out and you’re lucky you can’t hear me scream when I say them out loud. The neighbours come knocking every time I have to go out because they think a serial killer is in the house. After years of dressing like I came out of Ugly Betty’s closet, I finally developed some quick.. call em “skills” to dress to impress.

Sometimes I’m too lazy and sometimes I really have nothing to wear so just throw on something very simple on and style it with… accessories. Keep scrolling to find out about the 3 accessories to completely change your look and give it an edge!



My favorite. Yes… diamonds are a girls best friend.. but for a single girl like me they are out of reach and not in my jewellery closet (ok I said “closet” to sound cool.. I actually have a tiiiiiny little pot where I throw my jewellery which always gets tangled up). But still, we don’t need to be Rockefeller to be able to buy some cute chokers, a few rings and some bracelets. If the piece of clothing you threw on is simple and boring, add some necklaces to it. I like to add more than one with different lengths: a choker, a necklace that is a little longer than the choker, and a longer one than the latter. Then I like to add some rings, either a few simple ones on each hand, or some big and flashy ones on one hand. Add some bracelets to it and you’re all set. There you go, now you’re looking like a cool girl and not just a girl who picked the first thing she found in her closet. It took me a while to actually buy cool jewellery that looked good together but I asked my friends and family to gift me either a necklace, bracelet or a ring for almost all the festivities that required them to spend their money on me.


Ok ok… I confess… I do not have a face that was gifted with sunglass potential. But I did have a really cool pair of vintage shades (I said HAD) until I lost them god knows where. But let me tell you, for that brief period of time I would literally look and feel like a superstar and no matter what I wore I looked stylish when wearing those babies.

Hair accessories

I was never a big fan of hair accessories and always considered them a taboo but I have to say, Blair Waldorf in Gossip girl inspired me to try the headband trend. Don’t just buy the hello kitty hairband and actually try to look for a decent one. Trust me when I say you will look like a damsel in distress and all of the guys will want to save you. Also, my sister gifted me this beautiful hairpin for Christmas and every time I throw my hair in a bun I put it on and it makes me look flawless. You’ll thank me after you read this because no one really dares to wear hair accessories but once you found a nice one, it really adds style to your outfit.

So there you go! Quick and easy! I hope you implement these tips in your daily life because trust me, it will make it much easier. Invest in those little accessories rather than always having to buy different clothing to actually look cool.


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