Everyday tips for flawless hair

Healthy hair. Yeah I feel ya. That’s a big word which leads to a lot of daydreaming and procrastination (trust me, I know). I pictured myself at the beach with hair similar to those of Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon movie; I imagined it being long and shiny while I walked on the beach looking like a sea goddess with all eyes on me when all of a sudden…. KNOCK KNOCK…. Reality started to knock on my head and gave me a reality check.

My hair was brittle, looked as dead as it actually was, they FALL off like the season, and were more prepared to fight against the army of flat irons and dryers than the Spanish armada. So after constant battles between fantasy and reality… call me a winner because sweetie, I made it!!

Read down below to discover 5 tips for healthier hair. I know you’ll want to keep this to yourself but try to let your inner good shine and gift these tips to a friend (it’s called GOOD KARMA PEOPLE).

#1 tip to healthier hair: cut your hair

I didn’t know whether to place this tip first or last but I think it’s better to listen to the bad news first. When I lived in Houston my mom brought me to cut my hair one day so go grab coke and pop corn because the show will begin in 3,2,1… We went to a really cool and badass salon but my momma and the hair dresser had no idea what was going to happen in the next 10 minutes (not to mention the other fifty souls who were also trying to relax after a long day). The lady starts cleaning my hair while I laid on that chair with my head back and 12 pillows under my butt. She almost had me fooled and I have to say till that point I was almost enjoying myself. It didn’t last very long because as soon as she kindly escorted me to the gates of hell (also known as “the cutting seat”), the whole salon knew I was upset with her cutting 3m of hair off my head. I yelled so much that at one point she opened a drawer, took out 2$, handed them to me and said: “ok”? I stopped sobbing and and whispered “ok.” And there you go. So from a person who was literally traumatized, after years and years of not cutting my hair and treating it as if it were a mop, trust me when I tell you to cut your hair. I obviously didn’t cut lots of it but I trimmed it like 3mm every 2 months and it started growing a little bit healthier and longer.

5 tips for healthier hair

#2 tip to healthier hair: HAIR MASKS are your best friend ladies

The most useful gift I probably ever received was this hair mask that smelled like vacation and literally brought the life back to my hair. I never thought it was that important to actually use good products for your hair and I believed that the only reason hair grew long on other people was due to their good genes (which I apparently did not possess). Sometimes it’s like that because if you have really ugly hair, not even Jen Atkin can save it. But if you have really brittle hair that never grows, trim it a little and put a mask on it when your hair is dry and then wash it off in the shower. I will probably receive a lot of praising in the comments below after you tried this a few months.

5 tips for healthier hair

#3 tip to healthier hair: use good quality shampoo and conditioner

Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear me. Stop your compulsive and suicidal gestures of buying shampoo and conditioner at the grocery store like I did. It’s stupid and money consuming because you literally use so much product to clean your hair and to make it soft that makes your product last about a week tops. Buy specific shampoo’s and conditioners for your hair type and not just any products to clean it.

5 tips for healthier hair

#4 tip to healthier hair: use a thermal protector before drying or straightening your hair

This is easy and it’s of vital importance. If your hair is already brittle because of all the stress and heat you expose it to, I’m here to remind you that we’re in the 21st century and that we have products that protect our hair from these threats. Consider this something to gift yourself or even someone during a holiday because some thermal protectors can be quite expensive.

5 tips for healthier hair

#5 tip to healthier hair: don’t dry your hair with a hair dryer during warm seasons

If you live in the North Pole this rule does not apply to you. We want you alive and without your mucus affecting everybody around. But for those of you who have summer season, let your hair be from time to time and just let it dry out on it’s own when you have no one to see or nowhere to go.

Ok there you go. I used to look at all the YouTube video’s and all of the Yahoo Answers out there because of me wanting long and healthy hair so badly. It took me five years to discover that you just have to take care of it and watch what products you buy. Try this for a few months and trust me, you’ll see the results. So with this said, I hope you get your Rapunzel hair as quick as possible. Cheers!!

5 tips for healthier hair



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