What you need to plan a romantic dinner at home

Hello guys. This post is probably going to help ladies and gents but I am hoping that a lot of men read it to finally understand how to make a woman happy when inviting her over for a romantic dinner. I had to witness countless dinners where I went home to whoever I was dating at the time and all they had ready for me was a messy kitchen, horrible lighting that just killed my hormones, and a dead rose in a glass with no water in the middle of the table which probably reflected our love for one another.

Yes yeeees, I know.. prince charming’s do exist and probably don’t even need to read this post to grab a few hints but heey… I was not that fortunate so don’t mind me chattering about how annoying it is when you go over to someone’s house and expect a nice, soothing romantic dinner with dimmed lights and Barry White playing in the background, just to find a horrible setting which makes you want to run home and ask yourself why you’re dating in the first place. Don’t guys every watch romantic movies? Yes they do. And whyy aren’t they able to grab a few hints from Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? …… I would probably leave this answer blank on a test because I still can’t come to accept how it is possible.

Guys. Please do your woman a favor and keep reading this post on the essentials for a romantic dinner instead of minimizing this window just to go back to playing your video game. Here goes nothing.

Essentials for a romantic dinner: good lighting

The lighting is the most important detail when inviting a woman over for a romantic dinner. Girls are embarrassed when they go out on first dates and don’t want their men to see the parsley stuck in their teeth when throwing you a big smile. They don’t want their Pablo’s (also known as pimples) to be evident, and also prefer a good lighting to boost the mood. Candles are the best way to create the perfect atmosphere for your new catch, and there are some really good scented ones that will make you look like Christian Grey. My friend gifted me the most amazing scented candle once and I used it all the time so if I would see a guy using them it would make me feel like I’ve found my perfect match.

3 Things You Need to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home

Essentials for a romantic dinner: cutlery

Ok ok.. I have to admit, I love beautiful things. But trust me, it’s not only me and it does make a difference when you go over to someone’s house for dinner and eat with pretty cutlery instead of having to eat with ugly, plastic plates and spoons to avoid having to clean up after he/she is out of the house to just quickly go back to your pig-like routine. So buy some pretty cutlery. They are cheap as well now a day so just consider investing your money on a set for special occasions.

3 Things You Need to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home

Essentials for a romantic dinner: music

This is something that cannot be left behind. It cannot. My stomach grumbles all the time and literally has monologues with itself all the time and when you’re sitting at a table and are silent for a second, that is exactly when it attacks. With music in the background you cover the weird noises your stomach makes which almost makes it seem like you are freeing yourself of the air inside you (you get what I mean). So if you don’t have the budget because other things seem more important and worth your money in that moment ask someone to gift you a little stereo or whatever it may be. Also, don’t forget that in order to seduce a man or a woman and leave him/her speechless, you need to conquer them by seducing all of their six senses.

So there you go. Quick and easy. After all it isn’t that hard to make your date happy so let’s all get along and be happy. Enjoy your dinner!

3 Things You Need to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home


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